The 60-Second Brain Game, a fun and fast computer gaming exercise, challenges users to test the speed and flexibility of their brains. The free Web application, released today, requires users to respond to conflicting auditory and visual stimulus to score points. The key to success is speed, as the game adapts to the user, becoming progressively more challenging and fast. Users work through five levels of play trying to score up to 80 points.

The 60-Second Brain Game is based in hard science, specifically the psychological experiments that measure the “Stroop Effect,” the difficulty people have in paying attention to one thing while having to ignore another at the same time. The Stroop Effect becomes more pronounced with age.

The 60-Second Brain Game was developed by Posit Science, the leader in brain fitness software programs, clinically proven to help people think faster, focus better and remember more. The game is available for free on PCs or Macs at

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