Over at CNet they have posted an article about tablet computers and why consumers may not buy the device. As we have been reading during the past few months, the founder of TechCrunch is in the process of introducing what is called a Crunchpad, and also that Apple may be also introducing a tablet computer. What is interesting is that we currently have smart phones, netbooks, and laptops which seem to have filled the market with choices. So the question now becomes is there really a need for tablet computers?

According to the article it states that:

But what you can do with a screen-only computer gets really limited when you expand the device beyond pocket size. There are two big limitations. First, you need a keyboard for doing real work. At least most people do. Perhaps a generation of kids will grow up that are as speedy on a virtual keyboard as they are on a real one, but until then anyone who does more than write quick e-mails and Twitter messages on a computer will want to take a keyboard with them. And typing on the screen, even if you can do it, is an ergo disaster. Either you have to keep your hands up in the air (if the computer is mounted vertically in front of you) or you have to hunch over your screen to see it.

[This is a prototype model only]

While a tablet may be great for browsing the Web and viewing media, it’s too big to replace a phone and too limited to carry around as a work computer. People will need their keyboarded Netbooks and notebooks for real work. Tablets, like other tweener devices, ultramobile PCs and Netbooks, are accessories to real computers. You can’t do enough on them to justify the price, although they’re sure nice to have if you have extra money for a gizmo that sits between your big computer and your phone, both in size and function.

This is an interesting take on the new device, since I have to agree with the writer. It does seem that we currently have enough devices on the market to fill most consumer needs. I am prejudiced because I personally do not like devices that I feel are nothing more than a finger print magnet. But that is just me.

What about you? If and when a tablet computer becomes available, will you buy one? If so, why?

Comments as always are welcome.