The sky is falling! Again. Over at InfoWorld Mr. Randall C. Kennedy is reporting a ‘critical’ bug in Windows 7 which he claims in bold print that:

An apparent fatal flaw in the NTFS driver stack may bring Microsoft’s Windows 7 impending victory parade to a grinding halt

Whoa there cowboy, them spurs are digging mighty hard into that pony’s side. One would think that from the bold print that there would be some type of exploit that would render the entire computer useless. A bug of such magnitude that running Windows 7 would be akin to committing suicide, a life or death proposition. When in fact it is not.

It is a memory leak that is caused when a process is run on a system when the user employees the chkdsk tool.

Which bring to mind this. This will most likely be an easy fix and most likely will be cured with a Windows update. Second, almost 99% of consumers don’t even know what the chkdsk tool is anyway and will not be running it. Third, the word ‘may’ was used too many times in the article to take this seriously.

But that’s my 2 cents. What do you think? Does anyone care? LOL

Comments welcome.