I’ve been playing with the new Google Chrome browser since it was first released. But to be honest I just keep going back to my trusty Firefox because I like the add ons that Firefox offers. But this morning when I downloaded the new Beta version of Chrome, I must admit that this puppy is fast. Yes my friends it is faster than Firefox.

I than tried some of the new themes being offered and they were actually a pleasure to try. Though at the end of the trials I reverted back to the classic default. LOL I guess I just like the ‘plain Jane’ stuff and have never been a eye candy kind of person.

So I stopped by the Chrome Blog to see what else they had to say about their new toy:

Try the latest and greatest Omnibox
The Omnibox is indisputably an important part of Google Chrome — it helps you get to the sites you’re looking for with just a few keystrokes. With this release, we’ve optimized the presentation of the drop-down menu and added little icons to help you distinguish between suggested sites, searches, bookmarks, and sites from your browsing history.

Experience HTML5 capabilities
We’re always trying to further push the things you can do in the browser. For example, we’ve started building HTML5 capabilities into this beta release, including video tag functionality and web workers.

Speed, Speed, and more Speed
Beyond the improvements in JavaScript execution in this latest beta, there are a host of other improvements that should help Google Chrome make the most of your network connection. For example, when you open a new web page while other web pages are still loading, Google Chrome is now smarter about prioritizing the requests for the new page — for instance, fetching text, images, and video for your new page — ahead of the requests from the older pages. Loading pages on this beta release should also be faster than ever with DNS caching, more efficient DOM bindings, and using V8 for proxy auto-config.

It is worth taking the new Google Chrome Beta for a spin. I believe that you will like what you see.

Comments welcome.