Looking at this comparison has me leaning more and more with Android for a multitude of reasons. Price, overall, being a big one. There is no question that the iPhone (which I own) and the Pre are pretty cool. Sadly, both tend to have cost working against them. Especially the iPhone.

But then there is functionality and control. Again, the Android phone is not forbidding me from doing stuff I want to do and generally seems to be a bit “freer” with how one can go about using applications. But the killer is the fact that this class of phone only the iPhone is unable to do multitasking. What’s up with that?

Every day, I am more and more tempted to give Android a serious look. Give me easy access to the Amazon music store and on-demand movies from amazon — we’d have a winner. As for the Pre… I am still struggling with its weird commercials and late to the game issues. But that is just me. What do you think?