This morning in a column on ZDNet , Microsoft watcher Mary-Jo Foley speaks of an offshoot project at, which just might be coming into the mainstream.

It is the much bandied about Ribbon Interface, that seems to put people at opposite ends of the spectrum,with no fill in the middle – you either love it, or you hate it, there is absolutely no middle ground.

The project, called Renaissance, has a very Microsoft look, and can be seen at the above link.

In a very non-standard stance, Mary-Jo says that the users should ‘just say no!’ to this change, and stay with the OpenOffice interface as it is now. I tend to agree that the Ribbon interface is to be avoided like the plague, as every single person I know, that lives and dies by the use of Microsoft Office, absolutely hates the Ribbon. It is only the casual users that seem to prefer the newer, showier, even more graphical interface. I wonder if after they become proficient their tastes will change.

This is a problem I see with many of the Microsoft changes made. We are never allowed to know the composition of those ‘test user groups’ that always ‘absolutely love the changes’ that Microsoft makes. Perhaps if you don’t ‘absolutely love’ the changes, you are unceremoniously dropped from the testing.

That’s one way to skew the results in your favor.


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