When you’re experiencing a problem, what do you do to try and resolve it? Some of us are stubborn and refuse to turn to anyone besides ourselves to bring about some sort of resolution. Sometimes this approach can work, but many times it ends up putting us in a worse situation. Others seek out the help of friends or family members, and in this day and age, searching the Internet for help is another popular option. In addition to looking for help that’s already out there, some people decide to ask for help on the Internet in order to see what people have to say. Solvr is a service that combines multiple solutions into one service that is designed to help you solve problems with the assistance of others.

Without requiring you to create an account, Solvr simply asks you what your problem is and then creates a specific page and URL that you can use to try and solve the problem. Under the problem, comments and ideas can be added and voted on in an effort to resolve the issue. This threaded feedback system is much more effective than a simple comment form. Since the unique URL is in your control, you can either share it with just a few individuals or widely publicize it to get the most help possible. What’s your problem?