Gnomie Bowler writes:

Hey Chris, it’s Bowler and I thought I would share some tips for building a new computer with the community. I recently finished building my new PC a couple of days ago and it runs like a dream.

  1. Make sure before you order the parts that they will work with each other. If they don’t, then you will be in BIG trouble because you will have to return the part(s), hope you get a refund, and then get the proper part that you actually need.
  2. Make sure when you get your OS that all your devices will work on it. I was running Windows 7 64-bit on the new PC, but I couldn’t get online because the wireless adapter drivers weren’t compatible with the OS yet. So I’m stuck with XP on it for a while.
  3. Get an anti-static wrist strap! These things only cost a few bucks, but it’s better to spend a few extra dollars to protect yourself, and the computer parts, because if you give off static electricity to the motherboard, or any other part for that matter, that part is dead.
  4. Be patient! Some parts will be a bit of a pain to install, especially the CPU heatsink and fan! When I built my computer, it took me over 30 minutes to get the fan in because the latches didn’t feel like cooperating with me. So be patient! Some parts you will have to use force to get in, like the CPU fan, but make sure you don’t use too much, otherwise the part might snap!
  5. Make sure all connections are where they should be. It took me over two hours to figure out why my computer wouldn’t turn on, and it was from one little thing, so check everything!

Bonus Tip: Try to get a case with a window on the side, so you can see exactly what is going on in there. Then, if something goes wrong with the hardware, you’ll probably see what’s going on and you can have a basic idea about what to do immediately.