Start of Rant.

The Wall Street Journal recently had an article about why some coffee shops are curtailing wi-fi in their shops. It seems that some people will park their asses at a table, flip open their laptops and use the table as a work station. These folks only purchase a minimal amount of food and while they sit and surf, the coffee shop is losing table space. Table space they need for other customers who just want to eat.

We have a Panera where I live that provides wi-fi. Trying to eat lunch there is a nightmare since the place is crowded. It is not unusual to see many tables being tied up by one lone person, with a laptop on the table, and other papers, hogging a table. This forces the remainder of us to either stand or take the food to go. I saw the same thing when we went to a Panera in Rhode Island. These people are just down right rude in the way they use the table and it hurts the businesses as well, since other paying customers may be reluatant to come back.

Here is my favorite bitch and that is cell phone use. Why is it necessary for us to have a cell phone attached to ours ears 24 x 7? Why is cell phone use allowed in restaurants? It is a time to eat and relax. Placing the phone on mute would be a considerate option for your fellow eaters. You can always call the person back once you are finished dinning. I for one could care less about your conversation and you do not need to share it with me.

Texting while driving.  This should be a hanging offense! LOL

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Rant Off.

WSJ article is here.