So about a month ago or so, maybe even longer, I notice how Apple has no longer put the MacBook unibody or aluminum up for sale on their website anymore. Now everything with the unibody, is a MacBook Pro. You may be thinking “what difference does this make” or “why is this important”.

Well some of you may think of it as negligible, but it is interesting to see how Apple markets its products. A product earlier in the year that is so new and revolutionary named as a MacBook starting at $1299 is now marked as a MacBook “Pro” for $100 less.

Is Apple trying to sell their more advanced line of MacBook Pros to consumers, or is it just simply making the aluminum unibody only available to the Pro version of the MacBooks. It seems interesting because Apple who was advertising the white MacBooks as last year’s models soon to be diminished are now its only MacBook product.

What are your thoughts? Should only the MacBook Pro name be on the aluminum unibodies?