I have always wondered why a site such as this one (Supersite for Windows) gets so much traffic, and appears to thrive, given the huge amount of misinformation and ill-will it spreads. (Possible infusions of Microsoft dollars?)

It appears that there are inordinate numbers of fanboys out there, willing to lap up all the propaganda that the site trowels around.

I won’t try to defend John Dvorak, he certainly does not need my help. I do think that this sort of attack on him, by someone who purports to be someone with a bit of knowledge, yet can’t get the name of the person he is attacking spelled correctly (Dvorack) multiple times, is a bit telling. It is also telling that he immediately attacks Dvorak, rather than his ideas…that comes later.

Thurrott attacks the Dvorak column of August 5, in PC Magazine, and uses unprovable statistics as his weapon of choice. When I say unprovable, I don’t mean untrue, or unpublished. It is easy enough to produce a sampling of people who will make a certain statement true. For example, if a sampling of commenters on the Propaganda Supersite were to be polled, I’m certain that it would be easy enough to get an agreement with the attacks of the author on Mr. Dvorak of at least 80%.

Thurrott attacks Dvorak’s claim that the registry was, and is, a bad idea. Here he takes the appropriate Microsoft line, about the astuteness of Microsoft in adopting a construct so fraught with problems as the registry.

If only he made some sense.

The man either does not work on his own computers, or leads a charmed life, as anyone must if they believe that the registry is something that is without problems. That is not to say that the registry is a source of continuous problems, but actually, if one tried, I’m fairly certain that that assumption could actually be proven.

It would take too many words to thoroughly refute the stupidity of the assertions of Thurrott, but they certainly can be easily obtained, by anyone who uses Windows.  The problems with fanboy sites, such as his, is that they soon lose all touch with reality – soon beginning to believe the propaganda put forth.

If a fanboy site is what you’re looking for, yet wish to remain grounded in some degree of reality, there are other places. I would recommend Bink.nu. Mr. Bink is certainly pro-Microsoft, but not to the point of complete lunacy.

Any person, at this point, thinking that the registry is not fraught with problems, should do a Google search, and be prepared to be enlightened.

(And yes, the idea that I am attacking someone on the basis of their attacks on others is not  at all lost on me. I have come to realize that sometimes, it is necessary to fight fire with fire.)



Quote of the day:

No one means all he says, and yet very few say all they mean, for words are slippery and thought is viscous.

– Henry Adams

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