One would think that, being so close to Silicon Valley, San Francisco and its surrounding cities would have the latest and greatest in technology. But this has not been the case. You may recall the failed attempt by Google and Verizon to bring free broadband to San Francisco went down in flames. It seemed the city and the folks putting up the money and equipment could not agree upon the terms.

But now another attempt is in the works to bring WiMAX to San Francisco:

Clearwire has so far launched its service in four cities: Portland, Ore., Las Vegas, Baltimore and Atlanta. The company will deploy its wireless broadband service in another 10 cities sometime in September 2009. It hopes to bring its service to the top one-third of cities that make up the U.S. market, giving it access to about 120 million potential customers.

After that, the company will be surgical about its network rollouts, Morrow said. The company hopes this will allow it to remain ahead of its competitors — primarily Verizon Wireless, which is launching its LTE-based 4G wireless networks sometime in 2010. Clearwire’s network deployment has made investors optimistic about the company’s future. Over the past six months, the company’s stock has tripled to $9 per share from around $3 a share, though it has been inching lower since early August.

It should be interesting to see if this project actually takes place and that WiMAX finally arrives in San Francisco.

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