For those of you who are Dell fans, be advised that the company is retiring the Mini 12. However they are making available the Mini 9 once again. Over at the Direct2Dell a blog posts explains what is happening and where users can buy these mini’s. The Mini 12 is still available through the Dell Outlet store which is online.

The blog post also states the following information:

So, should you read anything into this as far as Dell’s commitment to the netbook space? Nope. It really boils down to this: for a lot of customers, 10-inch displays are the sweet spot for netbooks.  That’s why we offer two different 10-inch Inspiron netbooks for  Mini 10 and the Mini 10v. And on the Latitude side, the Latitude 2100 netbook is finding a home in schools all over the place. Portability is one of the key points for netbook customers. Larger notebooks require a little more horsepower to be really useful. More to come from Dell on that later.

But back to the subject of netbooks.The Inspiron Mini 9 is available again on for the time being. I tried to reach the Mini 9 to see how long she’d be around, but she wasn’t available for comment like she was last time.

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Dell blog post is here.