Gnomie Lars Blockken writes:

Hey, Chris!

Dropbox is basically an online storage/sync service, but it goes far beyond that. It works on OS X, Windows, and even Linux. You just download the client, and it makes a extra folder called Dropbox.

Everything you put in this folder gets synced online and all your other computers that have Dropbox and have the same account get synced, too. A really cool thing is that if you add a new folder under photos it makes a photo album for you online to share with your friends. If you want the link for it just right click on the folder, go to the Dropbox menu, and click “Copy public link.”

You want to share a non-picture file? Just drag it in the public folder, right click on it, and choose “Copy public link.”

It really works great. With the free account you get 2 GB, but there’s a referral program where you can get up to 3 GB extra — so that makes 5 GB. Best of all, you get 250 GB for every friend or person that joins and installs Dropbox!