There have been a lot of advancements with mobile technology lately, but many of these advancements are just making our lives even more complicated. They require more of our attention and time, and to be honest, many of us don’t have a lot of attention and time that we can spare. In an effort to free up the attention that is usually required to communicate using a mobile device, a company called Voice on the Go has developed a solution that enables people to use their voice and ears instead of their eyes and fingers.

That may not sound very advanced, but the implementation is what makes it work well. In addition to being able to listen to your e-mail and manage it, you can also send e-mail and SMS messages using your voice. Integration also exists with Twitter and Facebook, which means that you can always be connected and provide updates by talking versus typing. Voice on the Go is available for any mobile device, but there is a small monthly fee. Of course, if you’re constantly working in a mobile way, it’ll probably be worth it.