Clearly, this is the method that Microsoft plans to use to bring searchers to its Bing search decision engine.  What is not clear is how long it plans to stick with this tack.


Bing! You search, you win! (for now)

from Tech Connect

One of the most financially-interesting features of the Bing ‘decision engine’ is certainly Cashback, as it enables those using Bing Search for their shopping to get a percentage of the purchased product’s price back for later spending as they see fit. To give Bing Cashback a boost, and maybe attract more shoppers, Microsoft has launched a promotion where the amount of cashback offered by most stores will be doubled (up to a total cashback reward of 50%).

Named Double saving days, the promotion started yesterday and is set to run until the end of August, although Microsoft is reserving the right to end it early if it becomes too popular. So, get it while it’s hot US residents of at east 18 years of age and with a Windows Live ID and cashback account. The big percentage cashbacks await.

So, will the money dry up in September? How much will Microsoft pay for improved search numbers?  Will you be persuaded to use it (at least while getting paid)? That is the real test, and the proof in the pudding will be how many of the gained users stay with Bing after the cash flow stops.


Time is God’s way of keeping everything from happening at once.Anonymous


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