Sony, the company that killed off HD DVD in hopes people would buy into Blu-ray and even was passing around rootkits for a time is now back in action. This time, Sony has figured out the ultimate way to piss off its customers: It’s opted to disable hardware virtualization on its VAIO line of computers.

Yes folks, you too can purchase a copy of Windows 7 on your VAIO only to discover that it will not support hardware virtualization out of the box. In order to bypass Sony’s lock, you essentially have to hack past the block. To make matters worse, none of this was made clear in the new VAIO advertising.

Surely Windows is at fault here? Nope, this is not Microsoft’s fault at all — it did nothing wrong here. No, this is the BIOS on the VAIO creating this problem for you. Worse, getting past this block actually means hacking the BIOS with a DOS boot disk. Clearly, this is what the person who just spent money on one of Sony’s overpriced laptops is looking for… yeah, not so much.