Reading this, I had to shake my head as it is truly sad that often people using software essentially designed to steal end up having fate deal them an unfortunate hand. Yet in this case, it would seem that fate intended to cut both ways.

To be ultimately fair though, there are likely thousands of parents who did not know that Lime Wire or other Kazaa styled P2P software, was even installed on their computer. Worse, I am willing to bet that they DEFINITELY did not know that entire My Documents folder(s) were set to be shared as well. So clearly, it is not all that far fetched that one could dig up some fairly serious information merely by doing a query for tax returns, bank statements, or other poorly secured documentation.

Speaking for myself, most of my stuff that is stored on a PC is kept in encrypted folders on a non-networked (Internet) computer. Yes, I am so paranoid that I have PCs that do not even have access to the Internet whatsoever. While they do share their own isolated network, it is highly secured and kept completely off the grid. I do not take chances with my stuff I can avoid it.

So it is worth using this as an example to those who use their PCs with kids in the house. Clearly, where there are kids, sometimes there is poorly thought out use of P2P technology with unsecured folders…