Students returning to school at colleges and universities need to be concerned about their security online. However, the same security measures should apply to ALL Internet users. For students, they will be using new Web sites, and setting up new accounts via the school. As such, they are prime targets for hackers and criminals who phish and steal identities. College students make such nice sitting ducks because there is a high probability that they do not have criminal records, nor high financial debt.

As students, they will be told repeatedly to guard their passwords and not share them with anyone. Unfortunately, people who give this advice don’t go far enough. There are spoofed Web sites designed to steal personal information — seemingly innocent and viable sites. There are keyloggers and various other tools that hackers use embedded on these types of sites. Fortunately, there is software available to protect these people — and their passwords.

You can safeguard your personal information with RoboForm Pro. It will protect users from phishing attempts. It will remember the sites that you want to use, and it won’t allow you to use a spoofed Web site. The phony sites are sometimes so good that it’s almost impossible to tell they are fake until it’s too late. RoboForm Pro will identify which sites are “real” and which sites are not.

There are many additional features to this software, and there are online tutorials to teach you how to use it effectively. It is more than worth the time to become an expert in the use of RoboForm Pro.

With the security of our readers in mind, the RoboForm Pro people are offering all of you a very healthy savings on this product. From now until August 19th, you can save 20% off your purchase of RoboForm Pro.

For those of you returning to school — and even those of you long out of school — we highly recommend this product for your own safety. You want to guard your personal information. With as much as you have going on in your life, you may not always be as careful online as you think you are. It’s so easy to get sidetracked!

In this day and age, you can’t be too careful with your identity or your passwords. RoboForm Pro will give you the peace of mind to know that you are much safer than you thought you could be.