Recently there have been concerns brought against the Palm Pre that user privacy might be in peril. The charge is that the phone sends data back to Palm on a daily basis. Apparently, this was not something that sat well with this individual.

This data sent not only included how long each application was used for, it also provided Palm with a rundown of the user’s current location. Hmm, at least part of this sounds like how my iPhone 3G always asks me if I would like to allow the device to know where I am… for the phone’s location-based applications.

Frankly, the fault here is that when the phone is first used, the user is not given a CLEAR option to turn this service off. Instead, Palm expects people to read articles like this one, then discover what is happening, then choose to dig through the settings to disable the service should they want to. Palm is clearly in error on that one. And as for the statistical data sent back to Palm, frankly, unless it is giving these phones away, this is none of Palm’s business.