Live video online has become somewhat of a sensation lately. YouTube helped to popularize recorded videos online, but the obvious next step is to see things live while they happen. A variety of services have been built to take advantage of available bandwidth and technology and make this happen, but for the most part they’ve been destinations in and of themselves. A service from called Camtweet seeks to change this by deeply integrating live video with Twitter.

Just in case you don’t know, was one of the first companies to make live video something interesting online, and the fact that Camtweet comes from them and integrates with the core service makes it that much more compelling. You won’t need to create a separate account for Camtweet because it works with your existing Twitter account information. Once you login you can send out a tweet that announces your current live stream and begin broadcasting. Viewers can comment and interact with you, and one of the neat things about this is that these conversations can be pushed out through the respective Twitter streams and be made public, thereby drawing even more traffic to the stream. It only makes sense that live video should be integrated with social media in this way.