I have been tossing around the idea of switching carriers for some time now. And this article has me giving Sprint a serious look. Despite my not really being all that excited about its phone offerings, Sprint does have a lot going for it.

First up, it does have that much-famed 4G network. While it is not all that exciting by itself, it does mean that Pre users will have access to a fantastically quick mobile broadband in select cities. But this may not be enough. Despite the 4G network offered by Sprint, it seems that it is just not enough to compete with the likes of other mobile carriers.

It’s difficult to say exactly where Sprint will end up in the future. With the mind share largely belonging to other mobile providers, I find myself believing that Sprint’s efforts are too little too late. AT&T has the iPhone. T-Mobile, pricing and the G1. Then Verizon has the network. So in my mind, the future of Sprint is not looking all that great. Yes, its data network efforts are impressive. But sadly, I don’t think Sprint has done enough.