In what could be a preemptive strike by a computer company, Shuttle is announcing that their computers work with Windows 7 Ultimate. If you are not familiar with the Shuttle name, they produce what is best described as mini-computer known for their space saving designs. In a press release the company states the following information:

Elmshorn/Germany, 2009-08-14. Shuttle Inc., the market leader in the Mini-PC sector and manufacturer of Multi-Form-Factor solutions, now certifies that its products are fully compatible with Microsoft’s new operating system.

In a complex process the Product Management Team in Taiwan conducted initial tests of several different machines and Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate RTM. All tested machines were ready for use following installation of the operating system and drivers from relevant manufacturers.

Turnkey Mini-PC complete systems with 24-month pick-up-and-return service are already in preparation and are expected to be available from specialist retailers or via the Shuttle Systems Configurator when Windows 7 goes on sale.

Click this link to download a PDF file with a list of all tested Mini PCs:

Suppliers of Shuttle Mini-PC Barebones and complete systems can be found via the “Shuttle StoreLocator”

I am sure in the next few months we will be seeing more OEM’s touting their computers as Windows 7 compatible.

Which brings up another interesting point. Just because an OEM says their systems are compatible, is this enough for we consumers? What we need to know also is how the new operating system performs with any given hardware.

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