My buddy Charlie from California has been in contact with me during the past few weeks, stating that when he is on my web site, his Internet Explorer 7 browser locks up and freezes his system won’t close and the page repeatedly appears. He explained he is has to force a shutdown of his computer in order to stop the lock up. I originally sent him a listing of things to try but the problem still happens. He also stated that this doesn’t always happen when he visits my site, just some times.

My neighbor John also experiences a similar problem when using Internet Explorer 7, which on his laptop causes the system to lock up on occasion. On his laptop it is necessary to remove the battery and power to kill the process. As a side note John doesn’t visit my web site and this usually, but not always, happens when he tries to do his online banking.

I found this Microsoft article which seems to indicate the problem could be third party applications that lock up the browser.

I personally do not use IE 7 so I am at a disadvantage to replicate the problem. So I thought I would ask you people if anyone is experiencing a similar situation using IE7 ? Let me know.

Comments welcome.

Suggestions are also welcome.

Please, no suggestions like switch to Firefox and so forth. Some people just like IE.