A CT newspaper by the name of the Hartford Courant has fired one of its reporters who had served the paper for over 40 years. The journalist by the name of George Gombossy reported about an investigation that the attorney general made about a mattress seller. It seems that there were allegations that the mattress seller by the name of Sleepy’s sold used mattresses as new. The allegations also included that some mattresses were also bug infested.

But the article was never printed and Mr. Gombossy was terminated. Why you ask? Because Sleepy’s was a large advertiser for the Hartford Courant. In an article it also states that:

State Attorney General Richard Blumenthal says he has launched an investigation into consumer complaints that Sleepy’s sold mattresses or box springs that were used instead of new, and in one case infested with bedbugs.

Blumenthal said last month that he has up to 10 recent complaints against Sleepy’s, the largest mattress chain in the United States, with 74 stores in Connecticut.

“We have received a number of complaints, up to 10, that mattresses maybe have been used, with groves and deep depressions,” Blumenthal said in an interview with me.

Prior to that interview I asked Blumenthal to check to see whether any other mattress retailers had complaints filed against them of giving customers used mattresses or of bed bug infestation.

“Sleepy’s was the only one” the attorney general replied.

But it gets better:

Blumenthal’s investigation into Sleepy’s operations is the second in Connecticut since 2004 when the company paid a $4,000 fine to consumer protection.

Two years ago Sleepy’s, according to the Better Business Bureau, paid a $200,000 fine to New York City consumer officials as part of a settlement.

This could explain why the company did not want any more bad press. It appears that they have had problems in the past as well.

Unfortunately the truth may have been buried by the Hartford Courant, but blogs around the Internet are carrying the story and are supporting Mr. Gombossy.

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