When we heard from the new and ostensibly improved Yahoo CEO, that the company was not a search company but an ad company, it was shocking, and a bit wondrous. After all, those of us who used the portal went there to find things, read things already on the main pages, or search for something on the internet. The idea that we would be looking at advertisements was not something that immediately came to the conscious mind.


Perhaps Yahoo made its money through ads, but ads are not the mover for the public at large. (Doh!) When the search goes away, to be replaced by Bing, Bartz must then make the ads the focus, because not much is left. Yahoo is like a store in France, that sells bread, not meat, or milk, or cheese. It is not an American style supermarket. If the boulangerie (bread store) has no bread, there will soon be no customers. The American supermarket rolls right along when out of bread, for it can sell everything else on the shelves.

This morning, in All Things D, news of yet another ad sales executive leaving Yahoo arrives, and with another one having been announced just a few days prior, what is happening? Are the mice leaving the sinking hull, which has been gutted by Iceberg Ballmer?

Sources said Dickman, who will leave Yahoo at the end of the month after three years at the company, is reportedly going to Time Warner (TWX) unit Warner Bros. to work in digital sales.

Well liked at Yahoo (YHOO), Dickman was impacted in a sales reorganization done in the spring.

At the time, Atlanta-based regional sales VP Mitch Spolan was named to lead Yahoo’s North American field sales, consolidating its display ad sales groups, which had previously been split between the East and West Coasts.


Dickman’s departure comes after another top Yahoo display ad exec, Todd Taplin (pictured here), left last week. He was regional VP of sales in New England and Canada, responsible for big Yahoo display advertising accounts like Fidelity Investments in Boston.

Taplin–who was also well regarded at Yahoo–took a job at Collective Media in New York, as its new Chief Revenue Officer.

Everyone knows that there is a certain flux at top companies. People do come and go. However, when what can only be described as an exodus takes place, the shell can collapse, without sufficient talent to shore up the walls breaking apart from losses.

At this point, does Yahoo have anything to offer any bright talent, which would make them sign on to this ship in major distress? Has Yahoo become a Titanic, bereft of any lifeboats, while the band plays on?


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