With the Palm Pre, 3G touch running Android, and latest BlackBerry out there making a name for itself, Apple realized back in July that the 3GS was simply not enough for the iPhone to hold onto its position. No, Apple needed to bend reality to such a degree that even Steve Jobs would be challenged in making the case for this product. Enter the iPhone 3GI.

Perhaps the single most innovative concept since the invention of the original iPhone, the new 3GI uses some of the most amazing technology that I have ever seen. Not only is this clearly the smallest iPhone released to date, the 3GI must be categorized as the nicest looking model out there – no question. Even the hassles of dealing with AT&T is not an issue with the 3GI. Just hit the browser and suddenly you are surfing at speeds that make the fastest broadband connections feel like dial-up.

Now there have been charges that this iPhone model is only available to those who love Apple products. The fact is that is not entirely true. Rather, the phone is only visible to the most die-hard, Kool-Aid drinking folks that have been to and graduated from “I Love You, Steve University.” Graduates receive both a certificate of completion along with their brand new iPhone 3GI.

With all of the benefits, there is still one major flaw. It seems that the ringer has been reported to yield a few bugs. Reports early on have indicated that those who doubt the power of the latest iPhone 3GI are suddenly unable to hear the phone ring any longer. In response, I spoke to some Apple Care reps and have been told to send anyone experiencing this bug to the nearest Apple Store with their Platinum card in hand to download a patch that will help to get the 3GI ringing once again.