The social networking site is facing a lawsuit in which the plaintiffs are complaining that their privacy is being violated when they share photo’s and such on the Facebook site. What doesn’t make any sense is that they are doing exactly what the Facebook site was originally designed to do. What is also strange is that the plaintiffs voluntarily joined Facebook knowing what the site was setup to do. Which in my opinion Facebook does very well.

But in a recent news article it states that:

Plaintiffs in the case appear to have engaged in run of the mill socializing on Facebook: sharing photos, writing status updates and similar things. They’re then complaining that privacy, copyright and other rights are violated as people look at the photos, read the updates, etc. It’s sort of like jumping into a pool and then complaining that you’re wet.

So what are the Plantiffs accusing Facebook of? The suit alleges that that Facebook is at its core a “data mining company.. [that] seeks to open and/or disseminate private information to third parties for commercial purposes and economic benefit” and that “Facebook has created a business model and apparatus designed to harvest as much personal and private information as possible in easiest, quickest, and most innocuous-looking manner possible.” Cue the ominous music. It gets better.

The bottom line is this. These people made a decision to join the social networking site. No one forced them in using or to continue using the site. They could opt out to posting anything or sharing anything without trying to change the policies of Facebook.

But what do you think? Do you believe that Facebook is violating your privacy?

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