Digital camera functionality seems to be present in almost every gadget these days, so it only makes sense that a lot of pictures are being taken. Of course, once these pictures are taken, what do you do with them? Printing them out is still popular, but doing that just feels so old-fashioned now. These days, it’s all about sharing them online. The cost (when there is any) is low and the potential audience is limitless. Simply looking at pictures online can be fairly boring, but when they’re presented in a nice way through slideshows, the experience is a lot more interesting. PhotoSnack helps you create a variety of attractive slideshows.

A lot of the slideshow templates that are out there in general are rather bland, but no matter which template you choose on PhotoSnack, you’re guaranteed to have a good result. Creating a slideshow is as simple as uploading the photos that you want to use, customizing the template, and sharing the results. The slideshows work well pretty much anywhere online, and if you want more space and possibilities, consider getting a premium account.