I usually respect the opinions of others when it comes to any operating system, including those who use Apple, Linux and any version of Windows. I personally believe that it should be the user which decides what they like and not someone who just wants to toot their own horn by writing about their opinion. So when I read a recent article over at PC World about why you shouldn’t upgrade to Windows 7, the 7 reasons given were ridiculous in my opinion.

It is the same crapola that someone writes about with every new version of Windows. It cost to much, you need to do a clean install, if your old OS works why upgrade, you have to reinstall your programs, drivers, and the list goes on and on. But when I read articles like this it makes me wonder. What is the real motivation of the writer?

No only should you not buy Windows 7 you shouldn’t buy a new car. After all, your old clunker still runs why replace it? The new car is going to cost you more. You will have to make car payments. Your auto insurance will go up. You’ll be paying a higher license fee as well. For what? A few more miles per gallon?

Never buy anything new. Keep all of your old stuff!

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