There should be an image here!Today I received an interesting bit of email. It was from a fairly experienced Linux user that was trying to find a way to get around a problem that has plagued Linux users for sometime now. Basically, the issue was that they were wanting to watch content on websites hosted by the likes of ABC/FOX/Oprah yet no matter what she did, was finding it impossible.

Now this is the point in which the “let’s blame Linux” crowd might come out in force, totally not understanding what is taking place here. But I will take the DNC’s website for video content as a prime example of doing things the backwards way.

Many of us have begun voting with our eyeballs and wallets. This means that we will no longer bother with networks and content providers that are so wrapped up in controlling their content (good job, btw) that despite BitTorrent beating them to death, they STILL choose to make media content an issue to enjoy.