Odd as this may sound to some of you, most people like the iPhone but end up avoiding going with one over the problems with the US carrier — AT&T. Now before you ask if I am just complaining yet again about something silly, realize that I do not know one single AT&T subscriber using an iPhone that does not have problems.

To make matters worse, I have found that even my other phones have the same poor signal strength while other networks are able to provide drop-free enjoyment to be had by all. As far as I am concerned, I am more than ready to jump ship to one of the other networks as AT&T has become almost unusable since taking over Cingular.

Speaking for myself, I miss Cingular. Seems like only yesterday I was happily using its products and services while never having call drops happen with this kind of frequency. Did I mention that I think AT&T is going to continue to suck so long as they can get away with it?