Over at ZDNet, Harry Fuller writes about environmental technology, and the things that are changing, and yes, destroying the planet. No, not destroying the planet in the sense that the Death Star was destroyed in the movie Star Wars, but, making it less habitable than it ever has been.

Time and again, people that seem to be somewhat knowledgeable in other areas make comments on those pages that show that simply having a bit of technical knowledge does not translate to intelligence.

Intelligence is the ability to note how things work, and make changes in the way things get done, to make them easier, better, or possible, where not possible before. Very few people have ever had a real IQ test – they get tests that tend to show IQ levels, but real IQ tests are much more involved and less formal.

Why do these people, who claim to be intelligent, refuse to see what is happening to the planet, and by reading the stories from places across the globe, while noting what is already written, not synthesize what others have already put together, from disparate sources?

Climate change is real. Global warming is real. And the hardest for some to see – just because it’s been cooler in your neck of the woods, does not mean that the average overall temperature is not rising.

Mr. Fuller put up a little vote pod, allowing those who drop by to put in their 2 cents, and show what their true feelings are. The largest number, though not a majority (40%) answered ‘is not needed’ to the beginning of the sentence ‘Collective action on global warming…‘. The most popular answer, showing a bit of understanding, was ‘ will happen after Miami is abandoned, not before’.

Sadly, I believe that second answer might be the case.

Because of this, Mr. Fuller put up a  bit of a disclosure, titled BOILER PLATE, which says –

This verbiage will now be attached to any blog I do about global warming. It’s amazing to me that somebody who can apparently read and then post comments still wonders in public why global warming matters on a technology web site. But I am naive, always assuming everybody’s paying attention.

It’s because of money. If global warming has enough acceptance among corporations, the public and even polls, there will be more money spent on green tech, wisely or unwisely. If oil prices stay low and most people don’t care a fig about global warming, green tech will have a difficult time succeeding, regardless of its merits. Not every good idea succeeds. VCs usually invest where they think there’s best chance for a good return. In greentech as in any tech the winners will often be determined by luck, brilliance, timing, happenstance and even marketing. Behind it all will be the money and behind that: whether the evidence for global warming and curtailing pollution drive action or is written off as claptrap.

This appears to be what it has come to. It is somehow hip to deny what is happening right in front of our eyes, but many seem to keep their blinders on, nonetheless.

No wonder ‘W’ was a 2-term president, instead of being a footnote in history.



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Hotter than it used to be, probably not as hot as it will be next year at this time – and the orbit of the earth has not radically changed.

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