This explains why it is so hard for consumers to figure out which corporate giant is telling the truth sometimes. Back in September, 2008, Yahoo! was recommending that users switch over to Firefox 3, because it was safer:

A tipster yesterday sent us a screen shot of Yahoo’s front page running on Internet Explorer with a Firefox recommendation sitting atop the page. “Yahoo recommends upgrading to the NEW safer, faster Firefox 3,” the ad says.

Link is here.

But now that Yahoo! and Microsoft are playing in the same sandbox this week, Yahoo! has changed its tune:

Get more out of the Web

  • Better protection against online threats such as fraudulent sites and spyware
  • Increased speed to help you browse the Web faster
  • New tools that provide easier access to your favorite sites
  • Built-in Yahoo! Homepage, Yahoo! Toolbar and Yahoo! Search

The New Internet Explorer 8

Link is here

So which browser is safer? It all depends on who pays the most money to Yahoo! LOL

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