Remember: Your browser is only as safe as some big company tells you it is.

“The newsroom is howling with laughter…” [and, dare I say it? Puppy love.]

What Mac OS 10.6 should have but probably won’t.

People often ponder the value of Pi (though I’ve always been more partial to cake).

In UK, watch phones YOU!

YouTube video recorded live at #voluntweetup [Are you in it?]

Are you following us on Twitter?

Does the lack of a change list for an update make you think something’s being swept under the rug?

Nuclear fusion research key to advancing computer chips. [Jazz fusion considered somewhat less essential.]

Romance is more dangerous than you think! [“Killing me softly…”]

Will our children live in a world free of smudged touchscreens? [If we must dream, let us dream big!]

I upgraded to HootSuite 2.0 because I need more owls in my life.

Rockin’ with vests and J!NX shirts all weekend! [Stay tuned for BIG announcement.]

Who says you can’t teach an old Gmail account new tricks?

“Will Code for Green” finalists announced! [What an amazing array of Web tools!]