I just finished reading an article on NetworkWorld,  written by someone who states that he uses both OS X and Windows, and that Apple suddenly no longer can kick Windows around based of five reasons he cites in the article.

I don’t use OS X on a daily basis, but I do use Windows daily, and I have used the Windows 7 betas. I really can’t give an opinion on every one of his reasons, so I won’t. But the others, I will try to be clear why he is wrong, in my opinion.

[Reason 1] Clean and Simple User Experience – The author of the article believes that OS X and Windows 7 are on par when it comes to usability. Having used both, I know this is one of those things where I’ll simply have to shake my head, and say, “It takes all kinds to make a world”. Windows 7 is the most annoying Windows ever, in my opinion, and gets a lot of regressive behavior from Windows 3.1. Jumplists on the taskbar are simply relocated program group boxes, a little bit jazzed up. The lack of a readily available drill down menu, for all the programs installed on the machine is a real problem. {I’ve read that the ability is there to be put back to the ‘new’ XP interface look, but I removed the beta from my machine before that came by my desk, so I don’t know. If true, it would be a boon! And a possible return to sanity on the part of Microsoft.)

[Reason 2] Mac Crashes More – I don’t work with them enough to have observed any crashes for quite some time, but my XP machines don’t crash either, and I work them, and their installed memory, heavily. My main working machine has only had one crash in the past year, and that was because I installed a freeware ISO-mounting tool, that causes a blue screen every time it is attempted, so it was removed. (Three actual crashes, within minutes of each other, all because of that software, and gone when the software was removed.) This machine stays on 24 hours a day, and only gets rebooted when Microsoft tells me I need to, on Patch Tuesdays. Point is, you don’t have to have Windows 7 to be near bulletproof. Windows XP does it nicely.

[Reason 3] Flexibility and Lower Cost –  Once we realize that the hardware competition is bound to create lower cost, we need to move on to the fact that, as delivered, a Mac will do a heck of a lot of work (iLife, etc) without spending another dime. With a PC, you either purchase some costly software, or do some looking, and downloading, and installing, to get things to the point they were when that Mac was delivered. Though you can get everything you need freely, it takes time, and a good internet connection to put it together in a reasonable amount of time – isn’t your time worth something? Mine is.

[Reason 4] Performance – PCs can be made to work as slickly and speedily as a Mac, but it takes a bit of time, and knowledge. Also. if you don’t have that knowledge, it is so easy to bog down the fastest of computers with stupid mistakes – something that doesn’t happen with Macs. It’s ready to go as soon as the wires go together and the switch is flipped.

[Reason 5] Mac Security is Not Better Than Windows 7 – his words, not mine. I don’t know yet, and I don’t think he does either. It takes time to assess these things, and time for the nasty guys to do their work. Since Windows 7 has not been released yet, I’d say this is a ‘can’t tell from here’ instead of a ‘no doubt’.

The thing is that everyone’s mileage actually does vary, according to their skill, and circumstances. Over the long run however, as a mostly-PC user, I’d have to put my money on the Mac.  Steve Jobs doesn’t walk on water, but then Steve Ballmer couldn’t do it assisted with pontoons. There are many reasons why OS X is a better bet.


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