Below are some of the apps discussed at the app session yesterday,  if you have more you would like to share add a comment and I’ll add it to the list.

From Josh Bancroft

BNO News:  1.99

pocket meter:  1.99

boxcar:  2.99

Pocket universe:  2.99

Geocaching:  9.99

bargain bin:  Free

Sonar ruler: .99

Autostitch 1.99

From me

camera genius: .99

Bump: free

weather radar: .99


Twittilator pro: 4.99


Star Walk: 4.99

Tyler Pruitt (Thanks Tyler for setting me straight,  love the app)

waze: Free

appsniper:  .99

I’ll add apps as other Gnomedexers chime in,  most of these were announced during the TBD session,  it ended up being one of my favorites of the whole conference.  Maybe next year we’ll carve out a whole hour just for a SAG session.  (Site, App, or Gadget)