Reading this article today, I found myself wondering how people would think that it is price alone that is keeping people from swarming over to the media player in the first place. Sure, it is a barrier that one has to be willing to overcome. But I see some bigger reasons why PC adoption of Blu-ray is so weak.

First of all, the only good Blu-ray player I have ever seen was the Sony PS3. This is not to say that they all suck, but with so many models both in and out of PCs being a “meh” kind of proposition, it does leave a lot to be desired when asking folks to spend any real money on them.

The real sales will likely continue to trickle in on the home front for those few families that feel that it’s worth going Blu-ray for their TV sets to replace their DVD players. There is speculation and claims that even DVDs look better using the new technology, so I can certainly see the value here.

Back on the PC front however, I am not convinced that the need for Blu-ray is going to change anytime soon. With online backup solutions becoming so commonplace, in addition to external hard drives being plenty for most people’s needs, Blu-ray’s only appeal is truly… video. And even then, it has to compete with other options out there already.