Having been fortunate enough to attend Gnomedex this year, I had an opportunity to meet Ethan Gahng, CEO of Lazyfeed in person while in attendance at the conference. Nice guy — really seems excited about the project. But perhaps most important at the time, it seems like he actually “got it” when it came to the trouble with trying to sort through all of the RSS feeds out there.

Today I found out that his Lazyfeed application is now ready for the mainstream to jump right into. What makes this so compelling in contrast to other methods of handling RSS feeds is that you are able to save topics, not just feeds. Also the fact that this is a real time tool translates into you not missing a beat when looking to stay in tune with the latest topics that meet your criteria.

And finally, Lazyfeed has the ability to provide you with recommendations. By connecting with the various social networking sites out there, Lazyfeed keep you in check with the topics that matter to you most.