I personally like to see that Apple is going to start their attack once again against the PC and Microsoft along their new operating system Windows 7. According to an article over at CNN Money the new ads started Monday night and use the old tactic that Apple’s are just better than any PC, especially those using Windows.

But here is the bottom line to all of this advertising monies being spent, no matter which side of the fence you sit on. First of all the advertising agencies need the money and this shouldn’t hurt the bottom line for the television stations as well. Let’s face it, revenue has been down during the recession, so any money that is being spent has to be good for the economy.

But what I see is that both Apple and Microsoft are spitting into the wind. Let us look at this logically and put the old Apple vs PC debate behind us. No Apple person is going to dump their Mac and run down and buy a PC, no matter how much money Microsoft spends on ads. I also seriously doubt that any PC user is going to pay 2x, 3x, or more dollars just to buy a Mac, no matter what Apple says. It comes down to money.

I personally will not buy a $2400 Mac laptop, even if it was assembled by virgins, when I can buy a PC laptop for $600. For the price of a Mac I can buy 4 PC’s !

That’s my 2 cents. How do you feel?

Comments welcome.