In this economy, saving money is never a bad idea. In the past, finding deals and coupons was a little more complicated than it is today because the Internet has connected us to every piece of deal information imaginable. With just a few minutes worth of research, you can find coupons for many of the stores and purchases that you’re interested in. If you’re not doing this quick research, then you’re literally wasting money. With that said, the thing about coupon and deal information online is that this content is usually scattered in a variety of places, but SwoopUp is trying to pull a bunch of great deals together in one place.

Apparently the site is updated every hour to include the current deals, and while I found SwoopUp to include a number of popular stores, it seems like there just aren’t as many savings listed as there should be. Either way, coupon codes are available, and some deal listings link you directly to the retailer’s Web site so that you can take advantage of what’s being offered. Deals can be easily shared with others, and you’re encouraged to comment on the deals that you find in order to tell others if they worked for you.