There should be an image here!One might not think that Microsoft has much to fear from Linux, but the truth is that even with its challenges and varied user experiences, it’s user base made up of a very loud, passionate group of individuals.

This translates into what will hopefully one day, become a available support team for those who are wanting to get away from Windows, but are not really feeling like OS X is where they want to be at.

The fact of the matter is that Microsoft has nothing to fear on the desktop market at this time. And despite tremendous strides being made with distros such as Ubuntu, PCLinuxOS and OpenSuSE, the market has yet to shout loudly enough outside of the geek set or those who live outside of the US who have been introduced to it. And that is the mark, people need to be introduced to Linux when and if they are ready to be. While this has happened for some of us, the bulk of people out there who would do well with Linux have yet to even hear of it.