That is the story from the voice for Yahoo yesterday, and the company appears to be sticking with it. The newest face of Microsoft states that though the search technology is no longer their bailiwick, they will innovate there. Odd.

from Betanews

In a conference call yesterday live-blogged by Search Engine Land, representatives from Yahoo gave a live demonstration to reporters and analysts of new features of their principal Web applications that they believe will attract new users. Included on their list were ways that Yahoo plans to improve search.
This after Yahoo signed away its search infrastructure to Microsoft in an historic deal late last month, which many perceive as Yahoo opening its floodgates to Bing. In an effort to minimize the appearance of the deal having any impact on Yahoo’s search strategy, the company’s senior vice president for search, Prabhakar Raghaven, told reporters Yahoo can still innovate with regard to the experience users receive from search. Maintaining the search engine itself, however, was a battle Yahoo could no longer afford to fight.
“The back-end of search is a megawatt war, and that is what we are getting out of,” Raghaven is quoted by AFP as saying. “We believe the battle has move beyond the back end; we want to fight the battle on the other end.”
The end that Yahoo is dealing with this week is the one that delivers users the feeling of success. Yesterday, the company demonstrated additions that it’s rolling out to its search pages in the coming days, which will include an enhanced left column alongside its search results. There, users can narrow down results to specific sites, including how-to site eHow, online retailer Amazon, and Wikipedia.

I’m not sure how to express my concern over this, but probably the best analogy might be the hiring of the designer to decorate the exterior of the outhouse. The results might be pretty from a distance, but up close, the stench remains.

Yes, Yahoo will continue to innovate in search; Studebaker is also progressing wonderfully in their bid to innovate in the automotive design space.


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