After reading this top ten list of common mistakes made by new Linux admins, I found myself thinking two completely different things. First, there are some really careless newbie admins out there. And second, most of these tips are good for Windows users as well.

2) Refusal to learn the command line — To this very day with XP, if I need to reset a connection, I am doing so from a cmd prompt, NEVER from a GUI. Why? Because I will generally have much more success with verbose error messages than I will with the hair-brained UI Windows provides. I am also a big fan of netstat amongst other cool commands as well. Clearly, it serves you well to get to know your command line regardless of OS.

3) Weak or no password — This one kills me. It’s bad enough Windows users are running as administrators most of the time, but doing so with a poor password is just begging for trouble.

4) Updates do, indeed, exist — Once again, not running updates on your system is begging for trouble. Thankfully, with all three major platforms, running updates is hardly an act of congress. It could not be easier and doing so will undoubtedly keep you from running an unpatched system.

8) Single partitions are things of nightmares — Again, I don’t care what OS you use. Single partitions are for people who like to live dangerously. Sure, backing up is fine. However, I would hardly put all my faith into a backup exclusively. I prefer keeping my home (aka user) folders on a separate partition. With Linux, for instance, reinstalling is not even a big deal if you have a dedicated home partition as all of your data is safe when you install the OS to the / partition for a redo.

So what about the others? Well number 10 is a bit of a loaded statement, as it is factually correct while still bordering on the paranoid. As for the other tips, I don’t know if they cross platforms all that easily. I mean, most Linux distros would never be foolish enough to set you up as root/admin while Windows chooses to do so. Not pointing fingers; different strokes for different folks. Just pointing out that these are tips the two operating systems do not share.