I know that OpenOffice is a great thing. I use it all the time. My kids use it. I try to get all my customers, not having a current product to do ‘office-like’ things, to download it, or I download it and set it up for them.

While many people like to criticize the product, I find it does everything I need to do, and of those I know, only one person, a college professor that I went to high school with, needs more. She uses Word, as it has the advanced things that she needs to edit her books (however, it took forever to get her to change from WordPerfect, which was always her favorite).

Everyone else should really use OpenOffice, and spend a little of the time normally used to complain that it is not a 100% work-alike to Office, to get used to the small differences.

However…  a small amount of griping. The people who release this, for us, need to allow us to know what they have fixed, and changed, before downloading it. For today’s release, it is an update from revision 3.1.0 and I truly wonder if it is necessary to do the upgrade. Many people are on metered connections (it’s Comcastic!) and need to watch what they download – and there are no patch file downloads.

The lack of readily apparent notifications, and patch downloads, needs to be addressed. It would save lots of bandwidth. Ah, yes, one more little gripe – just because I really hate it – let’s back off the something + .org naming convention for the various directories. It may be acceptable now in the Windows world, but it’s not common, and looks tacky.

For those who want the best of everything, get Oxygen Office Professional. It contains all the little goodies that helps OO compete well with the high priced spread. Google for it, as it isn’t right in with OO, but merely bands all the OO goodies together in one download, along with a different splash screen.

Great stuff.



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