For those who believe that German engineering is the ne plus ultra, and love their Bauhaus form-following function design strategy, rejoice! Thermaltake has brought the best of form and function to you, soon available to anyone who ponies up the dollars… 690 of them.

A little too steep? Well, it is possible to worship from afar, and hope that a bit more pedestrian version will be released, to keep the Level 10 Extreme Gaming Station company.

from Tech Connect

Designed by Thermaltake in collaboration with the BMW Group DesignWorks USA, the Level 10 Extreme Gaming Station has turned a lot of heads in various trade shows and even won the IDEA®2009 Bronze Award but unfortunately, six months after it was first revealed, it’s still not available for purchase. Worry not though as Thermaltake will rectify this situation in Q4.

Seen below, the Level 10 measures 666.3 x 318 x 614 mm and features an Open Compartment Architecture which sees all the components being individually enclosed for better organization and faster installation.

The new chassis also has a Smart-lock Security System which enables users to secure the PC’s hardware under ‘lock and key’, a front I/O panel with one audio, one eSATA and four USB 2.0 ports, and four fans – a 140mm one working at 1000 RPM in front, a 120mm spinner @ 1000 RPM at the back and two 60mm @ 2500 RPM for the HDDs.

The Level 10 Extreme Gaming Station is set to be released in October and cost $690.





Certainly a place for everything, and everything in its place. Working on this should be a snap, though I’d keep the compressed air can close by, to take care of dust on a weekly basis.

Let’s hope for that junior version, because we all know that $700 is not the sweet spot in cases, though they might be dubbed enthusiast models.


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