I have been a fan of the Jitterbug concept for what feels like years now. Provide a simple to use, easy to understand mobile phone that is truly usable for those who are less than tech savvy. Some have tried to classify this as a “phone for seniors,” but I would counter that most flip-phones and even BlackBerry phones are being used by many seniors today. I have seen it first hand, so that sort of kills that myth.

No, Jitterbug is frankly best suited for those who just want the basics from a mobile phone. Perhaps someone with less than great eyesight or maybe someone who would rather deal with real people vs tons of automated recordings.

So when I found out that Jitterbug was coming to Verizon, I was really happy to hear about this. I know of a few Verizon users who would do really well with such a mobile phone. Clearly not for everyone, but certainly great for those who need larger numbers, an easier to understand speaker, and plenty of operator assistance.