There are many different ways that you can build your career network and you will need to decide which of these ways will work for you. One of the easiest ways to establish a career network is to join the professional organization that represents your field. For example, teachers have professional organizations that organize professional development opportunities such as conferences, study groups, and training sessions.

Participating in these professional learning opportunities will help you build your skills and knowledge as well as your career network. In addition, these professional organizations also provide materials such as new books and articles and give their members an opportunity to write an article for their publications. This is a great way to establish your career network. These professional organizations also have committees such as executive, conference, professional standards, publication or review committees.

Being a member of any of these committees is a great way to begin to develop your career network. You can present at conferences, write articles, serve on committees, and demonstrate your career and management skills in these forums. Another great way to establish career networks is to serve on volunteer on community organization committees. These committees may not be associated with you work but give you the opportunity to meet new people and demonstrate your skills and knowledge. For example, you could join a community organization and help raise funds for the local community club, hospital, or for the Special Olympics. Or you could coach a little league baseball team.

All of these activities allow you to establish a career network that goes beyond your work related network but will highlight your various capabilities.