According to a recent article, Apple has included malware protection in their new Snow Leopard operating system. The protections can scan for two specific malware variants and protect the system from these two trojans.

According to a recent article at ZD Net it also states the following information:

  • Apple’s anti-malware function only scans files downloaded with a handful of applications (Safari, Mail, iChat, Firefox, Entourage, and a few other web browsers) — therefore the disturbingly modest signatures base would be undermined if the user were to download the malware from a BitTorrent application
  • Apple’s anti-malware function currently only scans for two Trojan horses, as of the initial release of Snow Leopard — relying on such a modest set of signatures for malware variants of known OS X families, clearly indicates the premature release of the feature
  • Apple’s anti-malware function receives occasional updates via Apple’s Software Update — in respect to malware, even Mac OS X malware, every modified variant of a known malware family enjoys a decent life cycle until it gets detected through malware signatures. In its current form the reliance on occasional Apple Software Updates compared to regular/scheduled independent signatures update, clearly increases the life cycle of a known piece of malware

This does confirm that Apple has in fact added malware protection to their new OS. Hopefully this will be enough to keep users systems bug free.

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