Here is a great tip for anyone who uses Word to create envelopes. You have probably seen envelopes with placeholders for stamps in the top corner that may say “Place Stamp Here.” You can easily create a similar placeholder on your envelopes using the steps described below:

  1. Create your envelope in Word. Conversely, if you have already created one, open the saved document.
  2. Make sure the Insert tab of the ruler is displayed.
  3. Within the Text group, click on the Text Box tool.
  4. Choose the Draw Text Box. The mouse pointer changes to a crosshair.
  5. Place the mouse pointer where you want the upper-left corner of the placeholder.
  6. Drag the mouse to the lower-right corner of the placeholder.
  7. Release the mouse and the text box is inserted.
  8. Right-click the new text box and choose Format Text Box.
  9. Set the Height value to .9 inches.
  10. Set the Width value to .7 inches.
  11. Click OK.

Your envelopes will now have a placeholder for stamps.